Make a Statement with Socially Responsible Clothing from The Naked Hippie

Rebecca Daneault April 17, 2012
Make a Statement with Socially Responsible Clothing from The Naked Hippie

When it comes to socially responsible clothing and fair trade, The Naked Hippie has got it down. Through the sale of deliciously comfortable and delightfully stylish t-shirts, The Naked Hippie is helping people in developing countries to overcome the cycle of poverty and create their own sustainable business opportunities. Not just a portion of profits are given back to this cause, but 100% of the profits made on the sale of socially responsible clothing goes directly back into micro loans to help people in need. They call it a “purposed brand” of statement t-shirts.

The socially responsible clothing available from The Naked Hippie currently includes nearly fifteen distinct t-shirt styles. Each shirt boasts a compelling message, with one proclaiming, “I am fair trade”, another “Green is in my DNA”, and yet another boasting an image of the earth within a fingerprint, representing the imprint we all have on our precious environment. The shirts are made of light-weight, soft material and the designs are printed using and eco friendly water-based ink. The wearer gets the opportunity to don stylish and thought provoking socially responsible clothing, while also helping to fund the hopes and dreams of someone in need.

The micro-loans provided through the profits made from the Naked Hippie socially responsible clothing help people in developing countries to start and grow small shops, fruit stands and sidewalk businesses. This allows them to provide for their families and encourages economic growth within their communities. The loans are eventually paid back, part of which is used to grow and spread the word about what The Naked Hippie does, and the rest reinvested in other people in these underprivileged countries. The Naked Hippie is more than a t-shirt company – they want to be remarkable, and encourage others to wear remarkable by purchasing their socially responsible clothing.

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