One for One Clothing and Socially Responsible Accessories from Baby Teresa

Rebecca Daneault April 3, 2012
One for One Clothing and Socially Responsible Accessories from Baby Teresa

Baby Teresa was founded by two women who wanted to do something that would allow them to give back.  Rather than simply profit from their organic baby clothes and accessories, they decided to set their company up under a one for one giving model.  For each baby outfit they sell, another one is donated to a child in need somewhere in the world.  In addition to their one for one clothing initiative, Baby Teresa also markets socially responsible accessories, for which a portion of the sales goes toward purchasing formula for babies in need.

All of the socially responsible clothing from Baby Teresa is made from fabulously soft cotton that is 100% organic, so you can feel good about your purchase.  The rompers, tees and onesies look adorable and feel even better on your baby’s sensitive skin.  Likewise, the socially responsible accessories are also constructed from 100% organic materials, and include bibs, blankets and hats.  Any of these items would make a great addition to your baby’s wardrobe or the perfect baby shower gift idea for the expectant mom in your life.

Baby Teresa is a one for one clothing company on a mission – to clothe at least one baby in need in every country in the world.  So far they’ve made donations in over 20 countries from Peru to Indonesia, Australia to France and Uganda to Egypt, just to name a few.  Baby Teresa also accepts applications from people who are planning volunteer trips to areas of the world where children could benefit from their donations.  With Baby Teresa, consumers can buy once, but give twice and truly make a difference in the life a child in need.

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