Do Your Part with Socially Responsible Clothing from 147 Million Orphans

Rebecca Daneault June 6, 2012
Do Your Part with Socially Responsible Clothing from 147 Million Orphans

The founders of 147 Million Orphans are two moms that are bound together through faith and mission – to speak up for orphans everywhere and help as many people as possible.  Through the sale of unique socially responsible clothing, Gwen and Suzanne are encouraging everyone to do their own part in helping to change the life of an orphan.  Whether it’s through adoption, sponsoring a child, volunteering for an orphan care ministry, rocking babies at an orphanage, financially supporting someone adopting, or simply buying the socially responsible clothing from 147 Million Orphans – you can make a difference!

The 147 Million Orphans website features a variety of socially responsible clothing styles, from t-shirts to long sleeve shirts to golf shirts, each highlighting the 147 logo in a number of unique designs and styles for men, women and children.  There are also a number of 147 Million Orphans accessories available for purchase, including bracelets, hats, bags and cell phone cases.  The purpose behind these items is not only to help support the underlying cause, but to create awareness and spread the word to others.  Every time you wear the socially responsible clothing or accessories from 147, you’ll have the opportunity to start a conversation and educate others.

Through the sale of socially responsible clothing, 147 Million Orphans is making a huge impact in a variety of ways including helping to feed children in several developing countries, educating and financially supporting families affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis, helping people in need earn a sustainable income, partnering with churches to help grow their orphan/adoption ministries, and more.  Their ultimate goal is to speak up for those in this world who do not have a voice.  By purchasing the socially responsible clothing from 147 Million Orphans, you too can do your part in changing the lives of people in need.

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