Spread the Word, Spread the Love with Socially Responsible T-Shirts from TanQ

Rebecca Daneault June 19, 2012
Spread the Word, Spread the Love with Socially Responsible T-Shirts from TanQ

The folks at TanQ believe that kindness is contagious. It is on this very concept that they modeled their company. Each month, TanQ partners with a different a non-profit organization and designs a unique t-shirt to reflect the mission of that organization. They then sell those socially responsible t-shirts and donate 100% of the net profits to the underlying charity. It’s simple: one tee, one month, one good deed. They hope that this one humble act will travel like a wave, nudging people toward happiness and charity, and cause a ripple effect of kindness.

The socially responsible t-shirts from TanQ are the epitome of stylish comfort. They are made from 100% fine jersey cotton, are form fitting and offer bold designs and thought-provoking messages to help spread the word about the underlying charities they support. So far, TanQ has designed socially responsible t-shirts that support such organizations as the American Red Cross, Girls Incorporated, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Children’s Protection Society and FeelGood, among others. All tees are limited editions so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

With the socially responsible t-shirts from TanQ, not only do you get a cool looking, comfortable tee, you also get the opportunity to share with others the things that are important to you. TanQ encourages consumers to purchase a socially responsible t-shirt, wear it and be a positive change for good. Tell the world you contributed to an amazing cause that’s making a difference in the lives of others and in the world around us. Spread the word, spread the love, with socially responsible t-shirts from TanQ.

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