Tote Bag by The Batik Boutique

Rory Wehrlie July 24, 2012
Tote Bag by The Batik Boutique

The Tote Bag by The Batik Boutique

Product Description: The Batik Boutique carries all hand made products made from the artwork of hand stamped (batik) fabrics including aprons, purses, baby bags, nursing covers, journals, and place mats and napkins.  The Tote Bag measures 16″ tall, 13″ wide and is reinforced with a calico liner.  The top is fastened with a loop of fabric over a button, and it fits comfortably over your shoulder and rests under your arm.

Each product comes with a tag attached including the name of the seamstress who sewed it.

The Good: The Batik Boutique company was founded out of a response to the needs of several single mothers in our lives in Southeast Asia. They began brainstorming a way to empower women to provide for their families through their skills in sewing.

The Batik Boutique pays fair wages to all of the women we work with. Additionally, they put a portion of proceeds back into their community in Southeast Asia. So far they have supported projects at a local orphanage, provided school uniforms for local families, assisted with transportation needs of a seamstress’s family, and donated products to an international women’s group who supports wives of prison inmates.

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