CharlieDog Soft Toys

Allison Hooban August 10, 2012

CharlieDog Soft Toys by CharlieDog and Friends

Product Description: CharlieDog and Friends uses the inspiring stories of real-life, adopted shelter pets to create its adorable stuffed animals, then donates $5 from every toy sold back to the rescue organizations that save at-risk dogs.

Unique “Adopt” collar-bracelets for people are sold in no-kill animal shelters, in select retail outlets, and from hand-picked rescue organizations, and are coming soon online. And the stuffed animals are like no other: hand-crafted, super-soft dogs and cats — plush versions of real-life animal shelter pets – are brimming with personality. They have a high-quality, heirloom feel, and wear colorful Michael Miller-print fabric collars embroidered with the word “Adopt”. Hangtags are an important element of the toys, as they create a connection to the real-life pet and his “work” (eg, as a therapy dog or service dog), and include information about the shelter the pet came from. Each pet also has its very own serial number.

The Good: CharlieDog and Friends was founded as an engine for fundraising for no-kill animal shelters and rescue causes. With the sale of every toy dog or cat, CharlieDogs donates five dollars to the rescue cause from which the pet came. Further, the sale of collar bracelets helps fund donations to on-the-ground rescue groups who save animals from high-kill shelters every day. This has resulted in direct and life-saving benefits to rescued dogs, from vet care, transportation from high-kill shelters to distant, loving homes, to recurring donations to no-kill shelters for basic refuge care. CharlieDogs also uses the hangtags on its toys to tell the stories of rescued dogs that are represented by the toys, thereby encouraging adoption over purchasing a pet, increasing interest in the work of service and therapy pets, and promoting the shelters from which the pets came. CharieDog and Friends repairs and donates all of its factory seconds to rescue groups, so they can be sold at adoption events to raise much-needed funds for these cash-strapped operations.

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