CP #1 T-shirt

Allison Hooban August 17, 2012
CP #1 T-shirt

CP #1 T-shirt by Coastal Playground

Product Description: CP #1 is where it all started. The design embodies everything Coastal Playground is about, waves, sun, and style. Along with stylish beach themed designs, Coastal Playground also uses 100% organic cotton, soy based ink, and an eco-friendly printing process. Combine this with 50% of our profits going back to keeping your playground clean and you have a truly functional garment. Get yours today!

The Good: Three reasons to buy Coastal Playground:

HUMANITARIAN – What better playground is there? On a mission to preserve and protect the coastal regions of the world, Coastal Playground is harnessing the power of the community to develop innovative solutions that enact positive change. With their 50/50 program, the company gives 50% of the proceeds from the sale of their clothing to nonprofit organizations that organize beach cleanups and educate communities about the importance of protecting the coastal environment. After all, life’s a beach.

ECO-FRIENDLY – Footprints in the sand? Not here. Using 100% organic cotton, soy and water based inks, eco-friendly printing processes and by restricting release of toxins into the oceans, Coastal Playground leaves nothing more than a faint trace.

COMMUNITY – With their 50/50 program, Coastal Playground is able to help communities by saving them thousands of dollars in labor expenses. But let the math speak for itself. 3,000 volunteer hours is the equivalent of $25,000 of labor to Californians. This year alone, Coastal Playground clocked over 5,000 volunteer hours, with an average of 100 volunteers per cleanup. And while we’re throwing numbers around, that’s 1,000 pounds of trash that is no longer on our beaches. Cleaning beaches, saving taxpayers money and fitting the world with awesome swag. This playground knows no limits.

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