Lamby Lambpants Cuddle Toy

Allison Hooban August 30, 2012

Lamby Lambpants Cuddle Toy by Love & Fleece, LLC

Product Description: A bad day with the family dog has not deterred this sassy little lamb. While he may be missing an eye, his blue bottle cap suits him just fine. In fact, it’s what gives Lamby his magic. He has the power to bring other toys to life and when he does, great adventures unfold. Purchase this cuddle toy for your little one, and follow Lamby’s adventures online as he sings, shares quirky wisdoms and stories on his free website ( and Facebook page ( And best of all, for EVERY toy they sell, Love & Fleece will GIVE ONE to a sick or needy child. A great way to teach your child the value of giving to those in need and having compassion for everyone, regardless of quirk or disability. Lamby’s missing eye is worn as a badge of courage and gives him the strength to be fearless. His fearless spirit is what makes his heart larger than life and Love & Fleece hopes you’ll agree.

The Good: For every toy they sell, Love & Fleece will give one to a sick or needy child through local and national giving partnerships — it’s that simple. Call it “one for one“, call it “capitalism with a soul” — giving is built into their mission, and they’re determined to make the world smile, one kid at a time.

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