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Allison Hooban August 18, 2012

LSTN Headphones (Listen Headphones) as featured on the Today Show

LSTN Headphones by LSTN

Product Description: LSTN makes bigh quality, stylish wooden headphones. The wood they use is upcycled from furniture manufacturers – pieces that are too small to be used for tables, but big enough to make headphones.

The Good: For every pair of headphones LSTN sells, they give the gift of hearing to a child in a deaf school. LSTN has partnered with global charities (including Sound Seekers) that provide hearing for the underprivileged. Taking mobile clinics to small villages, they custom fit hearing aids for children in deaf schools and treat them on the spot. LSTN is not just handing out hearing aids – we also include batteries, mold of the ear for a correct fit, ear cleaning, and antibiotics to eliminate the risk of infection. We educate the child on proper use. If a hearing aid is broken or misplaced, we replace it free of charge. Malaria is one of the main causes of hearing impairment, so they help provide mosquito nets as well. When you purchase a pair of LSTN headphones, the amount needed to cover this entire process is contributed on your behalf.

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LSTN Headphones as Featured on The Today Show

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