Spread The Fancy T-Shirt

Allison Hooban August 8, 2012

Spread The Fancy T-Shirt by Fancy Rags

Product Description: Buy a t-shirt and Fancy Rags will donate and distribute a meal to a local food pantry. All t-shirts are made in the U.S and are screen printed locally.

The Good: Fancy Rags started out as just a simple t-shirt company in 2009, but they wanted to do something more. They created a t-shirt that is cause for change: creating a social impact and helping put an end to hunger. Fancy Rags uses the ‘one for one‘ platform to create a social impact and to spread the fanciness. Buy a t-shirt and one meal will be donated to a local food pantry. The food pantries distribute donated meals to families and individuals in need. The meals they donate with each t-shirt purchase are able to feed 1-4 people.

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