This V Neck Helps – Mens V-Neck

Rory Wehrlie August 14, 2012

This V Neck Helps – Mens V-Neck by This Shirt Helps

Product Description: This Shirt Helps Men’s V-necks are all made in the USA, are 100% organic cotton, and like all This Shirt Helps shirts, they are garment washed so they are super soft and comfy so you can look good while you do good.

The Good: What This Shirt Helps does is simple. This Shirt Helps sells awesome t-shirts at reasonable prices, and we donate a portion of the sale to one of our partner non-profit organizations that is doing real, measurable good in the world. We let consumers know up-front exactly how much good you’ll be doing with your purchase:one shirt equals one year of clean water for one person, or one animal saved, or three trees planted, or a month of school for a child. When you buy a shirt, you can choose the cause your purchase will support. This Shirt Helps. Your purchase matters.

“You buy a shirt. Your purchase enables us to fund an organization that provides a measurable amount of help. We go work with them to show you how your purchase mattered.”

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