Bright Design Notecards By Suiter Coxe

Allison Hooban September 29, 2012
Bright Design Notecards By Suiter Coxe

Bright Design Notecards By Suiter Coxe by WritefullyHis

Product Description: Suiter has been interested in photography for many years now. She loves capturing God’s creation and sharing His beauty with others! Each collection has nine different photographs placed on Notecards. You can purchase The Garden Collection, The Safari Collection; as well as, the Pawley’s Collection.

The Good: The vision of WritefullyHis is to supply a school in Uganda, Africa that is currently being built by Xchange International with the supplies they need to assist in teaching their children the art of writing. Through the provision of paper and writing utensils, staff at schools will be able to encourage children to continue their education by providing basic supplies.

Partnerships are being formed with artists and entrepreuners who handcraft their stationary to provide a unique product to sell through WritefullyHis. Proceeds from the sale of the stationary will go towards the purchase and shipping of materials overseas.

The goal of WritefullyHis is to supply the materials needed to support one school for one year via Xchange International. Once that year is complete, WritefullyHis will evaluate the progress and take on another school if feasible. With every year that passes, WritefullyHis hopes to continue adding schools to support.
The vision is simple and the task is ordinary; a one for one business, stationary in the states for the writing essentials for the children abroad.

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