Custom T-shirt Blanket

Rory Wehrlie September 7, 2012
Custom T-shirt Blanket

Custom T-shirt Blanket by Project Repat

Product Description: Send Project Repat 9-42 of your t-shirts and they’ll make a blanket out of them for you. Choose from 8 different sizes, from a 3 foot by 3 foot blanket (send 9 t-shirts) to a 6 foot by 7 foot (send 42 t-shirts).

Repat’s amazing t-shirt blankets are gentle, soft and made of all your memories. Perfect for the bedroom, a picnic or wall art. Send your t-shirts and 5-7 weeks later, the t-shirt fairy will return your shirt as a fashionable blanket. Now you can hold on to the memories of those t-shirts forever.

The way the blanket is constructed is by cutting a square foot out of each shirt and separating the front and back pieces. Project Repat puts all of the ‘fronts’ of the shirts together to create one side of the blanket, then take all of the ‘backs’ of the shirts to create the other side. There is no batting in between layers, just both sides of the t shirts, but the blanket is thick and warm.

The Good: Repat blankets are made at NuPath, a non-profit organization committed to creating employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities in Woburn, MA. Further, it is preventing your old t-shirts from ending up in landfills along with the other 5% of material waste on Earth that is used textiles.

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