Pencils of Promise MiiR Water Bottle

Allison Hooban September 1, 2012

Pencils of Promise MiiR Water Bottle by Miir

Product Description: MiiR has partnered with non profit Pencils of Promise to create a limited edition 800ml stainless steel bottle. $7.50 of each bottle goes to support Pencils of Promise to help bring education to children around the world. At the heart of MiiR is a giving campaign where each bottle sold provides one person with clean drinking water for an entire year. The limited edition MiiR // PoP bottle is able to give not only to clean water but also education, both fundamental needs in the developing world.

The Good: Pencils of Promise is a global movement of passionate individuals, many of which are the most dynamic and impactful young leaders they have ever seen. They are committed to supporting a world with greater educational opportunity for all. Thousands have joined them, making contributions through acts both large and small. There are more than 75 million children without access to education, and they intend to change this. A generation empowered will empower the world. One child, one pencil at a time.

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