BOGO Bowl dog food

Rory Wehrlie October 18, 2012
BOGO Bowl dog food

BOGO Bowl dog food by BOGO Bowl

Product Description: BOGO Bowl believes all dogs deserve high quality nutrition, whether their bowl is in a cozy kitchen or a shelter kennel. For that reason BOGO Bowl uses a buy one, give one model – when a consumer purchases a bag of high-quality BOGO Bowl food, a matching bag of the same formula is given to a shelter, rescue, or pet pantry in their community so the impact is local.

The Good: BOGO Bowl gives a bag of high-quality dog food for every bag purchased to help an animal in need in the purchaser’s community. Working together, BOGO Bowl and dog lovers across the country can help organizations doing important work to rehome dogs or keep loved dogs with the people they love – a win for the dog, a win for the humans and a win for the community.

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