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Rory Wehrlie October 25, 2012

Bottle Bright Effervescent Tablets by Clean Ethics

Product Description: Bottle Bright effervescent tablets provide the best solution for cleaning your drinking vessels and beverage containers. Whether it’s a water bottle, travel mug, hydration reservoir, or thermos, we offer the safest and most effective method to care for your hard to clean drinking containers. Our biodegradable and non-toxic formula bubbles away grime and breaks down to inert natural substances.

The Good: With every purchase, Clean Ethics gives an equal amount of Bottle Bright to people in developing nations who are in vital need of clean water containers.

The lack of clean water and sanitation in developing countries is a serious problem. Nearly 80% of illnesses in these areas are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions. The infections are often serious and life threatening; one out of every five deaths of children worldwide under the age of 5 are attributed to water related disease.

There are a number of organizations doing great work to create new sources of clean water. There remains however, a missing link to keeping that water clean to the point of consumption. A largely overlooked problem is the dirty containers used to transport and store drinking water. Many of these jerry cans, jugs, and bottles are unhygienic with no suitable method for cleaning them. Building a new well or purification system becomes less beneficial when people carry and store clean water in contaminated containers.

Our drinking container cleaner is safe to handle, easily transported, and can be a valuable tool to encourage good water container sanitation practices. We are dedicated and enthusiastic about utilizing our unique product to help tackle this humanitarian issue.

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