Janice + BADALA Broken Earth Infinity Scarf

Allison Hooban October 26, 2012

Janice + BADALA Broken Earth Infinity Scarf by BADALA

Product Description: This product is the result of a partnership with Janice, a Chicago-based scarf company. These scarves are designed and hand printed by Lydia Brockman, the owner of Janice, and finished by BADALA’s artisans in Kenya.

Hand printed on 100% organic lightweight jersey cotton.

This item is vegan friendly.

The Good: “Badala” is the Swahili word for instead. BADALA is a non-profit organization which provides alternatives for people in poverty by education and microfinance. We hire and train single mothers in Africa to make fair wage accessories which allows them to escape prostitution, begging, and abuse. The profit from these items provides scholarships for excellent students in East Africa who can’t afford school fees.

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