Purple Doum Scarf

Allison Hooban October 1, 2012

Purple Doum Scarf by krama wheel

Product Description: The krama wheel collection is for wanderers and wonderers who take on each day with style and purpose. For those who embrace opportunities to have an impact wherever they go, both near and far.

This vibrant gingham scarf was handcrafted by a weaver in Cambodia. The cotton is hand-dyed and the fringe is hand-knotted. The final touch is added by a disabled artisan who sews on the krama wheel label. The Purple Doum style is named after a Cambodian child who dreams of going to school to become a teacher. krama wheel scarves travel well and are versatile enough to easily transition through the changing seasons or time-zones.

The Good: A child cannot attend school in Cambodia without a school uniform. Countless Cambodian families cannot afford this basic yet essential set of clothing to put their children in school. krama wheel’s goal is to give children access to education while also empowering artisans to make a living. For each scarf you purchase:

- one weaver is paid fairly, treated respectfully, and better able to support her family.
- one local seamstress is paid to sew a school uniform.
- one child gets a uniform so he or she can attend school.

krama wheel deepens the impact by re-investing in the country’s future. When you wrap yourself in a krama wheel scarf, you wrap a child in a sense of hope and self-worth.

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