The Classic

Rory Wehrlie October 20, 2012

The Classic by ESPEROS

Product Description: The Classic is a cotton canvas backpack sold by ESPEROS.

The canvas backpack is timeless and, true to its name, classic in its styling. That’s not to say it’s out of date, though. With a hidden zipper pocket on the front flap that’s designed to fit the iPhone and headphones, a padded laptop sleeve on the interior of the bag, and a large zipper pocket for the assorted accoutrement. Add in a couple of large pockets on the sides of the bag and this utilitarian bag will get you where you want to go in style.

The company will also soon be releasing a tote bag for women which will adhere to the same giving model.

The Good: With every bag sold, ESPEROS helps send impoverished children in developing countries to school for a year. The company is currently focused on helping children in Haiti and, donating 50% of its gross profits, ESPEROS is regularly able to fund one year’s tuition for a child in Haiti with every bag it sells.

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