2012 Holiday Gift Guide: The Varney by nine five lt.

Rory Wehrlie November 23, 2012
2012 Holiday Gift Guide: The Varney by nine five lt.

The Varney by nine five ltd.

Product Description: A traditional, unstructured baseball cap that is made from a lightweight, durable canvas fabric. The fabric is washed for comfort and also to provide a broken-in feel. Contrast stitching on the visor and a navy and white grosgrain adjustable strap add a touch of character to the cap. The hat is finished with a tonal canvas patch featuring the nine five ltd. logo done in flat embroidery. The nine five ltd. motto “live this day.” is subtly branded on the back in tonal flat embroidery. The hat is detailed with brushed metal side grommets to provide air flow. As a final touch, contrasting chambray fabric is applied to the under visor and taping.

The Good: The “PUT A LID ON” movement uses the purchasing power of our fans to benefit the earth and help those less fortunate live a better day. nine five ltd. is committed to donating 20% of every purchase made on our site and turning the contributions into something that supports the greater good. Our customers enable us to give and, we in turn, empower them to choose a cause to help put an end to, or as we like to say “PUT A LID ON”. Thanks to you, we are able to reach out and support such a wide array of amazing charities…and this makes for a lot of smiles.

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