Artemis Hat by GREENOLA Style

Rory Wehrlie December 2, 2012
Artemis Hat by GREENOLA Style

Artemis Hat by GREENOLA Style

Product Description: The Artemis Hat is filled with jaunty stripes and a roomy fit that never looked so chic! Five different color combinations are available when purchasing the Artemis Hat: cafe/cream, black/cream, purple/cafe, blue/black, and blue/cream. The Artemis Hat is handmade in Bolivia by women entrepreneurs using 100% organic, fine, alpaca fiber. Low-impact dyes are utilized for all colors other than cream, which is the natural color.

The Good: When someone purchases the Artemis Hat they are supporting fair trade business practices. This means that the 55 women entrepreneurs we work with are paid up front, fair wages, thanks to the support of our customers. The employment provided by GREENOLA fights against the social, economic and cultural inequality Bolivian women face every day. The materials that GREENOLA Style utilizes are eco-friendly as well. Lastly, 10% of the proceeds from every GREENOLA purchase is donated to Solidarity Bridge, a non-profit organization that provides pace-makers, medicine, and medical care to the people of Bolivia.

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