Black & White Silk Scarf by LOV Project

Rory Wehrlie December 2, 2012
Black & White Silk Scarf by LOV Project

Handmade and Naturallly Dyed Cosmic Print Black & White Silk Scarf by LOV Project

Product Description: This light weight silk scarf features a cosmic print and has two L.O.V 14k gold plated charms hanging from two sides. The techniques used to create these beautiful, unique scarves, are in the natural dye process and fabrics used.

While creating designs, LOV Project takes every step to ensure that its delicate natural balance remains untouched. First, the dye is carefully extracted to ensure rich and natural tones. Then, the yarn and yardage are de-gummed and treated with harmless mordants to achieve total colorfulness. The dye process includes organic and natural resources such as eucalyptus, mulberry leaves, nilgiri, lemon grass, and pinecones.

The Good: LOV Project has partnered up with a vocational center in the Southern villages of India that educates and rehabilitates impoverished young adults with physical disabilities. These artisans hand craft and naturally dye scarves with unique techniques to create extraordinary patterns and colors. In return, the artisans are provided with housing and medical care. Funding these self-employment projects allows women to generate income and provide for their families.

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