Empowered By You Panty by Empowered By You

Rory Wehrlie December 2, 2012
Empowered By You Panty by Empowered By You

Empowered By You panty by Empowered By You

Product Description: 

EMPOWERED BY YOU collection of seamless Brazilian cut thongs raises vital funds for the Seven Bar Foundation which is a non-profit organization which helps women out of poverty and into business through microfinance.

The collection was designed by former senior design director at PoloRalph Lauren Blue Label, Hun Kim and is a gorgeous line of sexy but comfortable underwear!

Each high-tech panty incorporates a patented silicone ‘flocking’ technology and side-seam fusion technique to prevent slippage. Its the perfect everyday panty to wear under your party dress, jeans or work out clothes! A second skin never felt better :)
The Good: The Empowered By You panty gives 20% of its profits to the empowerment of women.

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