Jar Candle by Bridgewater Candle Company

Rory Wehrlie December 2, 2012
Jar Candle by Bridgewater Candle Company

Jar Candle by Bridgewater Candle Company

Product Description: The majestic holiday season signals a time of honored traditions and cherished memories shared with the loved ones. Bridgewater Candle Company’s newest fragrance creations bottle up these special experiences, causing us to be transported in the midst of our holiday hallmarks in an instant. Dear Santa, Mistletoe Wishes, Snow Day and Tree Trek merrily join Christmas Bliss, Frosted Berry and Silent Night to round out Bridgewater’s offering of holiday fragrances.


Dear Santa- The ornament-bedecked tree twinkles and shines as perfectly wrapped packages overflow from beneath. Stockings are hung and excitement abounds as the final part of the scene is set before the arrival of Ol’ St. Nick. A trail of sweet sugar and cinnamon ensues as the pitter patter and joyous laughter of little ones deliver a plate of freshly baked cookies and tall glass of milk.

Top: Raisin, Candied Berries

Middle: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Gingerbread

Base: Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Tonka


Mistletoe Wishes- Twinkling eyes and a warm embrace two hearts collide in a special place. Peppery white berries bound with red ribbon dangle from above and signal it’s time to show a gesture of love. One leans in to meet the other as a kiss is planted and warm wishes are granted.

Top: Fresh Ozone, Bay Leaf

Middle: Cinnamon, Fir Needle, Clove

Base: Sweet Peppery Balsam, Cedar, Moss, White Berries


Snow Day- A blanket of powdery white snow covers the ground as boot-bound feet leave tracks all around. Bundled up and ready to brave the cold for an adventure-filled day of sledding and all things snow.

Top: Marine, Pear, Citrus

Middle: Muguet, Fresh Florals, Iris

Base: Vanilla, Amber, Earthy Winter Musk, Sandalwood


Tree Trek- The annual quest for the perfect holiday centerpiece is here and the trek begins amidst crisp, mountain air. Making memories with each step, the crunch of snow sounds as you pass by the ones that just don’t make the cut. Sweet frosty snow falls landing on fir needles and a whiff of dry wood burning beckons in the distance. Despite tingling limbs and chattering teeth the search goes on until that flawless figure just ahead refuses to go unnoticed.

Top: Fresh Green, Sweet Sap

Middle: Fir Balsam, Fir Needle, Cedarwood

Base: Caramel, Musk


Features a natural soy blend wax and clean burn. The candles are made in the USA. The jar candles are part of Bridgewater’s Light a Candle Feed a Child program. Bridgewater donates a portion of each jar candle sale to Rice Bowls, a non-profit whose mission is to feed orphaned children worldwide. One jar candle feed one orphaned child for one day. The candles also feature a new hangtag with photographs and stories of the children that are being fed.

The Good: Established in 1998, Bridgewater Candle Company became a leader in the candle market with a reputation for its clean burning candles, full fragranced products and passionate sales team. Bridgewater offers everyday hospitality through fun, friendly, comfort fragrances. From fresh and clean to warm and cozy, these scents create and crystallize those special moments in life worth savoring…Snapshots of Life.  Furthermore, Bridgewater Candle Company is committed to sharing its blessings, warmth and hospitality with the rest of the world through the Light a Candle Feed a Child program. In 2010, Bridgewater partnered with Rice Bowls, a nonprofit that feeds and nurtures orphans in developing countries. For every jar candle sold, Bridgewater makes a donation to feed a child for a day.

Through the Light a Candle Feed a Child Campaign, Bridgewater hopes to raise awareness for the global orphan crisis as well as help to fight hunger of orphaned children around the world.  As the orphan population grows into the hundred millions and more children die from malnutrition every day, the owners of Bridgewater Candle Company wanted to find a way to educate people about the crisis.

With the support of its authorized dealers, Bridgewater has been able to provide funds for over 735,886 days of food for orphaned children since the program began.


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