Status Update Bands Inspiration Pack

Rory Wehrlie December 2, 2012
Status Update Bands Inspiration Pack

Status Update Bands Band Inspiration Pack by Status Update Bands

Product Description: Just when you thought everyone stopped wearing rubber wristbands, Status Update Bands™ revives a market to a new audience. The social media generation constantly shares information about their lives online and these wristbands promote similar sharing offline. There are endless combinations of wristbands and charms for everyone. Social media is the biggest trend online and now it’s invading fashion in the streets. Status Update Bands™, are the wristbands that sparked a revolution to a once fading trend – they are extremely popular with tweens to young adults across the globe. These colorful rubber bracelets and charms have an infectious style that is proving to be a leader in gift and impulse product categories.

It Bands, LLC, the company that produces Status Update Bands™, recognizes the evolution of social engagement between friends, and the growing need to share. Each wristband is stamped with the latest social media update slogan, giving fans a fun way to translate their online experience to the real world.

By now we all know about “status updates” on Facebook. Jonathan is grumpy, Sarah is in love, Brittany is a tipsy, and Steven is in a relationship. These instant profile updates have become a popular trend and there’s no turning back. Status Update Bands™ offers so many stylish wristbands in a variety of colors, you will quickly find the status update that fits your need. Everywhere you go, wearing these wristbands, everyone will know your status.

The fun does not stop with the colorful bands; there are also cute charms that fit on the wristbands. There is a charm for almost every entertaining status online. Friends enjoy trading the bands and charms – collecting and connecting is essential to the success of the product. This is the perfect accessory for showing off your status while having fun. The wristbands are a social revolution that combines online life with real human interactions.

The Status Update Bands™ concept is exciting, new, and developing into a popular form of Internet fashion that is defining a generation.

Status Update Bands Inspiration Pack Regular or Skinny is the perfect way to express yourself! Bands stamped with words of inspiration are perfect for the holiday season – hope, dream, believe, faith, love and dream. Add our custom charms – peace sign and L-O-V-E are the perfect way to accessorize your bands!

The Good: Status Update Bands chooses 6 charities at a time to support at a time. Status Update Bands donates 5% of every qualifying sale of $30 or more to the customer’s charity of choice. Additionally, every qualifying customer will also be receiving a FREE awareness ribbon charm from that corresponding charity to show and remind both them-selves, the customer, as well as others how important it is to get involved and GIVE BACK.

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