Doodle Dresses by Priscilla Place

Allison Hooban May 28, 2013

Doodle Dresses by PriscillaPlace

Product Description: Priscilla Place makes adorable Doodle Dresses – simple drawstring dresses for young girls. Each Doodle Dress is unique in its fabric choice and color combinations.

The Good: Priscilla Place sells products for children who like to give. With every purchase, a similar product is sent to a child in need. The products given will be equal in quality to those purchased. Priscilla Place also sells and gives other adorable children’s products, including PiggyBacks, Mini Magic Miffles, and Silly Shorts, and they work to involve children in giving by helping to create and design products in the effort of instilling the value of giving back to young children.

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