The Hope Dress

Allison Hooban May 27, 2013

The Hope Dress by Elegantees

Product Description: Elegantees 3/4 sleeve dress with front gathering. This is the first design sewn by women rescued from sex trafficking in Nepal. Hope is exactly what these women need, so the name of the dress is fitting.
95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

The Good: The Elegantees business mission is to help survivors of sex trafficking by giving them sewing jobs, allowing them to replace poverty with self-sustainability. They have partnered with The Nepali Rescue Project, a non-profit that rescues over 20,000 lives per year from trafficking in Nepal, and are facilitating sewing Elegantees so these rescued women can have their dignity and hope restored. Elegantees made this their mission because the heart of their founder got very tender toward the realities of sex trafficking as she learned about it in a class in fashion design school. Girls are abducted and sold as commodities into prostitution. The pain she felt for these girls was the seed for her desire for change. Elegantees started with a dream to give rescued women sewing jobs. It seemed impossible for it to happen so quickly because the company was launched with only $10,000 and connections just to NYC factories. Word of mouth got around, and one day Elegantees got an email from someone who told them that a man in Nepal that had been rescuing women from trafficking for over 20 years was longing to give the women sewing jobs, and had already starting training them. The Nepali Rescue Project also provides counseling to rescued women and children. Even though many of these survivors are restored emotionally and spiritually, the inability for families to provide just one meal per day is a huge reason for vulnerability to be trafficked again. Elegantees is a partner to help the Nepali women have full restoration through providing sewing jobs. As financial needs are provided, their dignity is pernamently restored.

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