Original Adult Toothbrush

Allison Hooban June 4, 2013
Original Adult Toothbrush

Original Adult Toothbrush by Smiles for the People

Product Description: Smiles for the People’s Original Adult Brush is a premium adult toothbrush made from 100% biodegradable bamboo. The brush has an ergonomically curved design that makes it comfortable and beautiful. Here’s the best part though: for every toothbrush you buy, Smiles for the People gives the cash equivalent of ONE toothbrush to someone in need. Your toothbrush comes in fully recyclable packaging and completely biodegradable shipping envelopes, and we make sure every shipment is carbon neutral.

The Good: For every item purchased, Smiles for the People donates the cash equivalent of ONE toothbrush to someone in need of dental care. Some “one for one” companies donate one physical product for every product you buy, but to be most effective, we do it differently. Instead, we donate the cash equivalent of one toothbrush to an experienced dental charity. Our donations enable our Giving Partners to design locally appropriate interventions for their communities’ unique local needs. Because of the wide range of needs in the oral health field, and because toothbrushes can sometimes cause more harm than good for people in need of care, this strategy is more responsible than donating physical brushes. In addition, our giving strategy reduces our carbon footprint and allows for local ownership.

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