Act!on Watch

Rory Wehrlie December 9, 2013
Act!on Watch

Act!on Watch by Action T!me

Product Description: Action T!me watches are touch screen work out watchers that inspire us to be active. The watches go on standby and the time appears when the face of the Act!on watch is touched. Time is always ticking and we can never buy back the time we lost yesterday. Each t!me you look at your Act!on time watch, be inspired to take act!on and make a positive change in the world day by day starting with you and your act!ons.

The Good: With each product purchased from now until Dec. 20th, Action time watches will donate a gift to salvation army for each watch purchased. The gift varies from watches to toys for kids. We will upload photos as we go with local community members to Salvation Army secret santa workshop in Houston, TX to give help wrap these donated gifts. After Christmas, we will continue to give to other reputable organizations.

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