Marina by Waveborn Sunglasses

Rory Wehrlie December 11, 2013
Marina by Waveborn Sunglasses

Marina by Waveborn Sunglasses

Product Description: The best waves are the ones you see coming from a long way out. The same holds true for Waveborn. The Marinas started the movement and now with the help of some new color schemes and polarized lenses, these classic-style shades are guaranteed to be able to ride out whatever waves roll in.

The Good: The World Health Organization reports that 158 million people around the world suffer from vision impairment resulting from an uncorrected refractive error. What does that mean exactly? They need glasses. Or contact lenses. Or surgery. Waveborn is a 1-for-1 sunglasses company. Through their charity partners Unite for Sight and Surgical Eye Expeditions (SEE) International, Waveborn donates a pair of prescription eyeglasses or partially funds a sight-restoring cataract surgery for every pair we sell. Customers can also donate directly to our partners on

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