Transfer T-Shirts to Benefit Domestic Violence Prevention

Rory Wehrlie December 9, 2013
Transfer T-Shirts to Benefit Domestic Violence Prevention

Transfer T-Shirts to Benefit Domestic Violence Prevention by Sound Off Apparel

Product Description: Designed by the San Diego band Transfer, seven dollars from this sale of this shirt specifically benefits domestic violence and sexual abuse education and prevention services organized through the non-profit Center for Community Solutions. These incredible programs help to stop violence before it starts by providing workshops for professional audiences, youth groups, correctional facilities, schools K-12, colleges and universities, drug and alcohol recovery groups, seniors, and the general public. Most programs are FREE, age-appropriate, interactive, can be done in a series, and are available in both English and Spanish. Unfortunately, the budget for these programs was CUT IN HALF due to state budget cuts and there is currently a 2-3 month waiting list for CCS workshops at local schools. Sound Off Apparel and Transfer are working to make these programs more readily available through the sale of these shirts.

The Good: Music has always had a positive impact on people’s lives, but when Louis XIV drummer Mark Maigaard and marketing professional Erin Goss decided to team up, they took the power of music one step further. As a result of their collaboration, Sound Off Apparel was born in an effort to bring music fans together with worthy causes, and to rally support for those in need. Sound Off Apparel partners with musicians to release limited edition apparel that raises money and awareness for a charity of the band’s choice.

Each item sold through Sound Off Apparel is thoughtfully co-designed by the featured band and gives the stated donation amount to the band’s chosen cause. The t-shirts offered through Sound Off are far from your average band tees. Only apparel of the highest quality fabrics and most stylish cuts are selected to be paired with the band’s artwork design. Sound Off bands go above and beyond to give fans a behind the scenes glimpse of everything from the design process to the personal stories that inspired the musicians’ connections to their selected charities. Together with these dedicated musicians and a passionate community of followers we are able to create a world of difference.

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