About Us

Shop With Meaning is an online community resource that connects consumers with companies like TOMS, Warby Parker and the growing number of socially responsible companies that support worthy social causes.  Our focus is on highlighting those companies across the globe that provide consumers with a tangible opportunity to support worthy causes through everyday purchases.

Our Story

Before starting Shop With Meaning, we began to recognize a growing frustration among consumers who wanted to help make a difference but couldn’t find any products that supported worthy social causes or felt that their options were limited.  Shop With Meaning was created to provide real, actionable ways for everyday people to make an impact on the world around them and giving them more choices for their socially responsible shopping.

Why Shop With Meaning?

The companies highlighted by Shop With Meaning provide consumers with a transparent understanding of how their products generate support for the underlying cause, either through a direct percentage of profits, product donation initiatives such as one for one purchases or other acts of social responsibility such as sustainability and fair trade employment opportunities.

Now, when a consumer wants to make a purchase, whether it be apparel, makeup, a pair of shoes, or a bottle of fine wine, they can turn to Shop With Meaning to locate a company that matches their needs and also allows them to support a worthy cause with a simple, everyday purchase.  What’s more, our company profiles allow consumers to learn more about the reasons why these companies were founded, get a feel for the heart behind the products they sell and feel confident that their socially conscious purchases are truly making a difference.

With Shop With Meaning, consumers benefit because they have more choices and the companies we highlight benefit from the exposure they receive through our website.  It’s a win-win!