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Learn about one for one companies that support worthy causes.

These buy one give one companies like the TOMS Shoes One for One Movement donate one product to those in need for every one product you buy. Companies have introduced Buy One, Give One concept  to help those in need and give consumers the opportunity to support social causes they care about.

one for one companies like toms, buy one give oneThe one for one companies that we’ve highlighted support worth social causes with each purchase.  When ever you buy one item, they donate a similar item to those in need.  The TOMS one for one movement is largely credited with helping to make the one for one concept sustainable and build interest for other companies to support buy one give one business models.

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One for One Companies Like TOMS in more categories

Most people think of one for one shoes when they think of one for one companies, but a growing number of companies are participating in one for one programs.  Companies similar to TOMS Shoes, like Warby Parker, also have a one for one business model.  With this one for one initiative, for every pair of prescription glasses Warby Parker sells, they donate a pair to someone in need.  In 2011, TOMS also announced a one for one eyewear initiative. WeWood has one for one watches. Two Degrees has one for one food bars with a buy one bar give one bar program. One for one books, one for one clothes and even, one for one tutoring.  The types of one for one companies is endless and growing! Check out these other one for one businesses:

  • One for One Blankets: Blanket America is about more than blankets, although they sure do make some fantastic ones.  More importantly, it’s about changing the way charity and business works and encouraging consumers to demand more.  The company’s one for one blanket theme eliminates the gap between traditional charitable organizations and actual donated goods.  The concept is simple:  for each item purchased, Blanket America will donate a blanket to someone in need of warmth: buy one, give one.  If you’re looking for a way to make a difference in a simple yet powerful way, Blanket America’s one for one initiative is the way to go.
  • One for One Toothbrushes: The fact is kids across the globe lack basic oral hygiene simply because they don’t have a toothbrush.  Not only does this result in poor overall health, but it also affects the child’s confidence level.  When you purchase one toothbrush from Smile Squared, you can help save a smile by providing a child with the opportunity for clean, healthy teeth.  Through their website, visitors can participate in their one for one initiative by purchasing either an adult or child-sized brush.  For each brush purchased, Smile Squared will give one to a child in need – buy one, give one.
  • One for One Rain Boots: Roma Boots is a one for one movement company that combines business with charity by selling stylish rain boots and donating a pair of rain boots for every pair of boots sold. Roma Boots participates in the one for one business model with its one for one rain boots initiative.  Roma Boots’ mission is to keep feet warm and dry by providing a comfortable, durable and practical pair of Roma Boots to every needy child living in cold and wet climates.

  1. Shams Afridi:

    Excellent idea

  2. Amye Burger Stacy:

    This is cool to see so many companies giving back! There’s also a dog food company called FreeHand that donates pound for pound to rescue organizations! so cool!

  3. Nicole Nasvytis:

    When I clicked on the links for Blanket America, Roma Boots and Smile Squared it was because I wanted to go to their websites, not another one of your blog posts. I certainly didn’t expect you to be using them to advertise yourself THAT much. I’m very disappointed that you would speak about companies without having the decency to at least pay a homage to them through a link.

  4. Mary Ayodelyah Ahyah:

    Now this is what I’m talking about…

  5. Paul Applegate:

    This is great and exactly what we do. Please visit us at

  6. Sara Burns McGill:

    I’m a brand new one for one as well. For every scarf purchased, one is donated to a homeless man, woman or child.

  7. Pradeep Jain:

    We started an unconventional movement called as #BODO movement where everytime someone buys a garment from our website, we donate one to a child in need. is the website. Lets give back.

  8. Stefan Tarnev:

    Love this movement and revolution. We can literally chage the world by rfurther rewarding people for doing the things they enjoy, making a real change more permanent and sustainable. Giving to Self = Giving to Others Lastly, wanted to share a marketplace of 1 for 1 companies:
    Now, you can get everything you need from socially responsible companies that help save lives.

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