Guest Author Posts

Guest Author Post Requirements:

Guest Author Posts must be 300 to 500 words or longer and focus on a topic related to the Shop With Meaning website.  At least one image must be included.

  • Additional required information:
    • Article Title: Approximately 40 to 60 characters long.
    • Introduction (included before the post):
    • About the Author (included at the end of the post):
      • Example: Rory Wehrlie is the founder of Shop With Meaning.  You can find more of posts Rory Wehrlie on his blog and learn more about Shop With Meaning on its website.  Follow Shop With Meaning on Twitter and Facebook.
    • Photos: Please select and provide a link to at least one main photo/image 650 pixels wide.  The more photos the better!

If you are interested in a participating in a Q&A, please contact us for more details.