July Summer Sale

We’re working to develop & promote a Summer Sale 7/27 to 7/31 – specifically focusing on products sold by social cause-based companies such as Give Prints.  In order to qualify to participate, a company must engage in a form of transaction-based giving, such as the one for one business model (buy one give one) or donate a percentage of proceeds with each product sold.

For those companies interested in participating, we’re only asking that they offer a 10% discount and double the charitable contribution normally associated with the purchase (e.g., a company participating in a Buy-One Give-One model, would donate two items instead of one.  Or donate 20% of proceeds instead of 10%).  Of course, you’re welcome to offer more, like free shipping if it make sense for your company, but at the very least offer the 10% and double the charitable contribution.

By participating in the sale, you’ll be able to create greater awareness of your brand and products as well as gain access to an ever growing community of social cause minded individuals who are very active and vocal about their participation in social entrepreneurship.

All transactions will occur on your website and customers will use the promo code “@ShopWithMeaning” to participate.

If you’re interested in participating, shoot us an email and let us know.  Please use the Facebook event we’ve created to promote and market the sale.  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=218047758239624 The sale will run July 27th through July 31st.


If you have any questions or any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!  This is just one of many projects that we are working on and we hope to work with you in many more in the future.


Rory Wehrlie
Shop With Meaning
ShopWithMeaning [at] gmail [dot] com