One Day Without Shoes Toolkits and Apparel

The purpose of the One Day Without Shoes campaign is to raise public awareness about the millions of children around the world who are at risk of injury, disease and soil-transmitted infections every day simply because they do not have adequate footwear.  Each year on a designated date, supporters pledge to wear no shoes for a day.  The goal is to trigger curiosity and hopefully spark up a conversation so that word about the cause can be shared.  This year’s designated date is April 10th, 2012.

As a supporter of the One Day Without Shoes campaign, you get access to a comprehensive toolkit through the organization’s website,  This toolkit contains a variety of cleverly designed items that will draw attention to the movement and help spread the word.  It includes rally signs to make the message loud and clear, street stencils to get rebellious with, a handy pocket info card to help you explain your day without shoes, cool stickers, profile pictures and banners for use with social media, do-it-yourself shirts and interactive displays.

In addition to the items in the toolkit, the One Day Without Shoes campaign also offers exclusive apparel and t-shirts that help you boldly proclaim your support for this worthy cause.  Order a t-shirt, pick a toolkit item or download them all – the more you use, the more you’ll be able to make a difference in the lives of children with no shoes so that they have a fighting chance at education and a healthy, happy future.