One for One Shoes and Buy One, Give One Footwear

There are now dozens of One for One shoe companies and one for one shoes available to consumers and as part of the one for one movement, these buy one, give one shoe companies donate shoes to those in need.  Check out more one for one footwear brands below.

TOMS Shoes, a leading member of the one for one movement, offers several other styles in addition to the alpargata-inspired Classics, TOMS. Cordones, the TOMS shoes you can wear with or without laces, as well as the Botas, are designed for both men and women. Stitchouts for men, the Wedge and the Wrap Boot for women, and Youth and Tiny TOMS for children are also available, as well as many vegan-friendly styles for all ages that use no animal byproducts. also carries Tees, hats, and accessories that are also matched with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. One for One.

TWINS FOR PEACE’s Social Good mission is to create a shoe that is simple and elegant and at the same time cool and socially responsible. When you buy one pair of TWINS, you bring a bit more happiness to one child in a developing country. One for one footwear let us express our personality and be socially responsible at the same time: Buy one give one footwear!  TWINS believes that the philosophy behind its shoes also shines through when they are worn. TWINS’ philosophy is about sharing: BE COOL, BE GOOD. TWINS’ goal is to make children’s lives happier. When you buy one pair of TWINS, you donate one pair to a child. These One for One Shoes make great socially responsible gifts.

One for One Companies

Other one for one shoe companies like Twins for Peace and Roma Boots also adhere to the buy one, give one model.  These companies, are among a growing number of one for one footwear companies that support social causes with the donation of products to those in need. More companies also support the one for one movement by participating in one for one glasses, one for one sunglasses and other one for one products.  Check out other one for one companies and socially responsible companies we’ve found!