Shop Fair Trade Stores and Fair Trade Products

shop fair trad stores for fair trade productsShop Fair Trade products and you are supporting an organized movement developed to promote standards of environmentalism and fair wages as well as alleviate global poverty and ensure that companies negotiate with the growers, manufacturers and producers of products for a fair price. Fair trade products are part of the social responsibility initiative that focuses imports to make sure that large corporations are not taking advantage of  workers in developing countries.

Every day there are people across the globe working their fingers to the bone to make clothing and being treated unfairly by their employers.  Fair trade products combats this by allowing individuals to purchase fair trade clothing and other products from organizations who treat their workers with respect and dignity by paying them fair wages and providing them with benefits like health care and education.  Fair trade shops also provide those who wish to make a difference with the opportunity to do so by purchasing fair trade products.

5 Reasons to Shop Fair Trade Products

We all know that purchasing fair trade products plays a role in ending child labor and promotes a healthy, safe work environment for farmers and overseas workers that include things like fair wages and access to education and health care.  There are plenty of other reasons why fair trade shopping is a good idea.  For instance, fair trade:

Respects the Environment – Fair trade products are typically produced with organic or sustainable materials which is better for the environment.

Is the Gift that Keeps on Giving – By paying a fair wage for work performed, employees are able to provide for their families and further develop their own communities.

Is Affordable – People are often surprised to discover that fair trade products are priced right around the same as traditionally traded items.  That means you can make a difference even if you’re on a tight budget.

Offers a Large Selection – There are countless websites and retail stores that market fair trade products, from clothing and fair trade jewelry to food and household items, making the selection extensive and easily accessible.

Sends a Message – By choosing to shop fair trade you send a loud message to the governments of the world that inhumane trade practices will not be tolerated and that justice is not just needed but demanded.

Fair trade products is about more than just a good wage and humane work conditions.  It’s also about respecting our precious environment and empowering people to rise above poverty.  Shopping fair trade is one of the easiest yet most effective ways to do the right thing and truly make a difference in the world around us: buy fair trade products.