Socially Responsible Clothing Companies and Clothing Brands That Support Worthy Social Causes

Socially responsible clothing, from social responsible clothing companies that support worthy social causes are a part of the growing design philosophy and trend of social responsibility.  Socially responsible clothing brands support social causes and those in need through financial donations and the donation of physical goods – many of which participate in the one for one movement.

Socially Responsible Clothing CompaniesIt’s a sobering fact that most of the retail clothing available today was made by people who lack basic worker’s rights.  Mass production facilities known as sweatshops are known for mistreating their workers, paying them starvation wages, mandating unpaid overtime, denying time off and even refusing to allow adequate bathroom breaks.  The result is inexpensive clothing that is marketed in retail stores throughout the world.  But while the cost of these items may be lower dollar-wise, the price paid by humanity is immeasurable.

More Options for Socially Responsible Clothes

Socially responsible clothing companies offer alternatives to this by allowing consumers to choose clothing and accessories that they know were made by businesses that operate under fair trade and fair labor principles.  Workers are treated with the respect they deserve, are paid a fair wage and are provided with additional benefits such as healthcare.  Dealing with fair trade clothing companies and those that offer “union-made” merchandise help to ensure that those who produced it were treated fairly.  Socially responsible clothing companies also frequently give back to the community and offer help and support to people in need.

Fight unethical labor practices by shopping socially responsible fashion lines that place value on the hard working people who produce them and that help to make a difference in needy communities.  Not only will this improve the lives of others but it will also encourage other companies to protect their workers and take a stand for human rights.  Everybody wants to look stylish.  Socially responsible clothing and one for one companies let you also make a difference while doing so – plus they make great socially responsible gifts.

Socially Responsible Clothing Brands

These socially responsible apparel companies that contribute products work with giving partners that support the clothing brands by allowing these companies to provide socially responsible products to customers.  Consumers are looking for socially responsible products that support social causes that are important to them and ultimately the socially responsible companies are going to succeed over their competitors who don’t act socially responsibly.  There are lots of great socially responsible organizations, like PACT apparel, that sell socially responsible underwear.  Find great socially responsible clothing and socially responsible apparel brands below!


  1. Michael Vedam Andrews:

    Socially responsible Companies . . wow how the World will change when the love of people replaces the love of money . . love&peace Michael

  2. Saving the World Apparel:

    Support world changing causes and look great doing it in our American made sweatshop free clothing printed with water based eco-friendly dyes! Saving the world, it looks good on you.

  3. Amanda Cole:

    Be The Joy ( sells handmade Ugandan jewelry and unique TShirts to raise funds for local girls’ education costs, while supporting the Acholi craftswomen in the ghettos through sourcing of the product. Be The Joy has raised funds to send 41 girls to secondary schools from 2011-2013 alone. Despite exciting plans to expand the company’s impact, the philosophy behind it remains the same: “One girl at a time.” Be the Joy does just scholarship these young women, but rather makes a commitment to each girl and follows and supports her throughout her schooling.
    Bags By Mags (, sells a line of eye-catching vinyl bags made to look like SKYN condom wrappers as a means to empower women to embrace (literally and figuratively) a proactive approach in regards to protecting oneself from STIs and unwanted pregnancies while emphasizing the importance of self respect. The bag is a great conversational piece that will relay a message to onlookers about the woman carrying the bag–how she is confident, responsible, and protected. In collaboration with LifeStyles Condoms, the “Im Covered” campaign was created to break down the stereotype of promiscuity that comes with women carrying protection while also generating funds to support Answer, a national organization dedicated to providing and promoting comprehensive sexuality education to young people and the adults who teach them.
    While these businesses are so cool, their founders are even cooler!

  4. TAG New York:

    TAG New York ( is an ethical baby/toddler clothing line. All the pieces are made by artisans or fair trade organizations (recognized by the WFTO). The line focuses on the beauty of natural fibers: cotton voile, pima cotton, baby alpaca. Each piece is hand made with love.
    What better way to teach our little ones how they can be part of the change to better our world?

  5. Nikita & Vesper:

    Nikita & Vesper only sells products that are somehow doing good in the world (eco-friendly vintage, artisanal accessories etc). Check them out!

  6. Ihuoma Onuoha:

    Zabethel collection is one of those socially responsible companies selling nice outfits and giving back to the society what it has given it.

  7. Ihuoma Onuoha:

    For more information about Zabethel colllections contact me on facebook

  8. Kartikey Kumar:

    FUTS India gives 7 meals to a undernourished child on sales of a pair of shoes. It has unique line of designers shoes check

  9. Julia Vitenko: – designers involve refugees to product creation, thereby providing them with work

  10. Isaac Hanekamp: is providing micro loans to entrepreneurs in the developing world along with mentorship opportunities to help those without our opportunity become independent and successfull in their country!