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2013 Product Spotlight Submission Form

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  1. Nidhi Singh:

    Ajowan Seed Oleoresins – Pure Ajowan Seed Oleoresins Wholesale Suppliers and Manufacturers, India

  2. Brigitte Doublet:

  3. Get My Wish:

    check our site: and for news and products in the giving back industry.

  4. Caralase:

    Sale on crocet tiered maxi dress apply code FLOWERPOWER @

  5. Caralase:

    Take 25% off by using code FLOWERPOWER on embroidered baby doll dress @

  6. Colombian Girl Jewelry:

    Colombian Girl Jewelry. Jewelry Made from Fruit. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of our artisans, who are at the heart of our business, while creating a unique environmentally inspired line of jewelry.

  7. Aman Deep Singh:

    Wear this straight multi colored dress to a party and be the centre of attraction. You will fall in love with the fabric so deeply that you might resist taking off the dress even when the party gets over.

  8. Fresh Breath Kit:

    Did you know that majority of the time, bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth? There is a natural probiotic called BLIS K12 discovered in New Zealand to combat bad breath. Find out on or

  9. Rittika Mahtha:

    Are you worried about breaking down your iPhone screen then check this out

  10. Julie Dame Overby:

    If anyone’s in the anti-trafficking product space, I’d love to hear from you! |