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2013 Product Spotlight Submission Form

Please submit a socially responsible product to be featured on Shop With Meaning. (Some people have experienced problems using Internet Explorer 9, please use another if you experience any problems)

  • Provide information about the product you are submitting. Since this is a Product Spotlight the information should be about that product. Please use the company name rather than pronouns like ‘I’, ‘we’, and ‘ours’.
  • How does your company support worthy social causes when someone purchases this product?
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  • Please select from the list below that best describes the type of cause supported.
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  • Please submit a photo of the work you are doing to support your social cause. Must be at least 610 pixels wide.
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    Examples: One for One, product name, product category, company, color. Please include at least 3 tags with as many as 10.

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