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warby parker glasses buy one give one

Warby Parker’s one for one eyewear is vintage inspired, but with more than a touch of the modern. Its innovative website allows for virtual “try-ons” of glasses and even makes recommendations based on a customer’s face shape. Customers can also exercise the option of a home try-on of up to five glasses frames. Warby Parker operates studios around the U.S. where customers can come in and try on a wide range of glasses and eyewear in person. Plus for every one pair of eyewear sold, Warby Parker donates one pair of glasses to someone in need – Buy One Give One Glasses.

Warby Parker’s name is inspired by two characters from Kerouac, it’s no surprise that Warby Parker is a mix of ‘out of left field’ thinking and a whole lot of inspiration. Founded in the hopes of bringing affordable eyewear to the masses, Warby Parker has also pursued an activist agenda around the globe.

The innovative one for one eyewear company was born out of the collaboration of four college friends: Neil Blumenthal, Andrew Hunt, Jeffrey Raider and David Gilboa. Warby Parker’s originality stems from its being a blend of the four founders’ personalities; as the company’s website points out, bringing these four together produces “a penchant for outrageous outfits, an affinity for vintage collectibles and a strong desire to make the world a better place.”


Warby Parker Partners with Restoring Vision for One for One Glasses

A recent partnership with RestoringVision.org has enabled the company to start a program that delivers one for one eyewear to people around the globe who do not have access to quality vision care. The buy one give one campaign has already distributed over 100,000 frames to those in need. It’s the kind of activism that makes a tangible difference in people’s lives; as Warby Parker points out, getting the correct glasses can add 20% to someone’s income by increasing productivity and performance.

Distribution of the one for one glasses is facilitated through 3 methods: eye clinics, social enterprises, and non-profits. The eye clinics serve low-income regions, offering free exams and glasses to people who would otherwise have no access to prescription eyewear. The social enterprises component focuses on empowering women in underprivileged areas to found their own small businesses and act as vendors for the program. The campaign also works with any non-profit that wants to distribute eyeglasses as part of an existing program of service.

The impact of Warby Parker’s work has been felt across South America, South Asia, Africa, and even the United States. Countries involved include South Africa, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Brazil and Lebanon.


Warby Parker Socially Responsible Eyeglasses

Warby Parker has succeeded in managing a cost-effective buy one give one business model by remaining independent of traditional licensing companies and by maintaining a web-based sales approach. Cutting out the licensing companies by designing its own frames allows the company to avoid unnaturally inflated prices defined by the dominant licensing companies in the industry. The company’s web-based approach to sales helps it keep operating costs down and avoid markups from third-party retailers. These two unique mechanisms have allowed the company to offer high-end, stylish prescription eyewear at one-sixth of the price offered at most NYC boutiques, while still providing consumers with a buy one give one glasses option.

Frames are made from custom cellulose acetate manufactured to Warby Parker’s specifications. This strong, flexible material works in many colors and patterns and manages to age well without losing its shape or panache. Frames are also cut from one sheet of the material to ensure a consistent color in the resulting one for one eyewear. The anti-reflective lenses used in the one for one glasses are produced and inserted by one of the premier optical labs in the New York area.  With its socially conscious mission, Warby Parker has a lot of people wanting to buy Warby Parker glasses.


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warby parker glasses buy one give one

warby parker glasses buy one give one

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